Theophilos paints the Greek Revolution of 1821

Inspired by Peter von Hess Theophilos gives us a most vivid aspect of the Revolution and encourages us to visit museums inVolos and the nearby towns that show his original works of art.

Easter customs

The exhibition shows some of the customs that are alive in our days and are held by the old generation and by the young.

May day

May wreaths are hung at the entrance of the house symbol of fertility and May songs are sung on that particular day.

Boats that carry us away

The exhibition presents works from the collections of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art, children’s entries in the Panhellenic Children’s Painting Competition with the theme “Greece and the sea” that was announced in 1991. I chose this theme as it fits the summer season.

Olives and olive oil

The exhibition is on when the farmers are tending the olive groves and picking olives. 

Christmas customs

My aim was to give visitors an idea of the customs we once had that began on Christmas Eve and lasted till the 6 th of January.The panels show the Christmas fire that used to burn in every house spreading its warmth, it tells of the mean little goblins that tease and scare young and […]

Father’s day

With works of art and feelings about their father the exhibition gave visitors a great deal to think about.

Mother’s day

I chose to show works of art by children taking part in the Nationwide Children’s Art Contest of the museum together with Unicef in 1994.


The exhibition showed copies of the drawings of the painter Alexandrakis who captured scenes of agony, horror and pride from the front that will forever stay in our minds and remind us  of the glory of our army fighting the enemy.