Educational activities

In 2022, about 50 schools have visited the museum.


Contact with schools and teachers were from the start one of the main goals of the museum and its director.

Nine educational leaflets offer children possibilities to interact, to learn and enjoy their visit.


The aim of the director of the Local Museum was to interact with schools and Primary education teachers.

Four Museum Kits were studied and designed that present the traditional life in Milies:

The kits were offered free of charge by the Research Center of the Academy of Athens. In recent years the educator Gerasimos Tsibloulis is responsible for lending the kits in the schools of the wider area of Volos.

Each kit includes


This annual activity was designed by the director of the museum in 1987 with the aim of encouraging the younger generation to come to Milies and
learn about its cultural heritage.

As children’s participations increased every year the Local Museum was unable to continue this activity and in 1991 the
Association of the Friends of the Milies Museum in Athens came to the rescue.

The exhibitions were on show for a week at the Museum of Cycladic Art thanks to the generosity of its founder Dolly Goulandris and at the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, at the Mayfair Gallery and at the Greek school in London.

The success of each event was unexpected and prompted the Association to create a museum dedicated exclusively to children’s
art in Greece.

The Museum of Greek Children’s Art was inaugurated in 1994 in Athens with the aim of preserving, studying and promoting
children’s art while enhancing children’s creativity.

The Local Museum in Milies donated 450 children’s artwork from its collection to the new museum.